Working Of Retail Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

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In this era of technology and communication, credit cards have become an integral part of shopping for people in developed countries. Then main function of credit cards is to provide a revolving credit line for consumers to shop with the retail businesses. The consumers might think that using the credit card is a simple procedure and can be done by simply sliding on the card reader; however, credit card processing is not as simple as it may seem. It is a complex process that involves multiple steps and takes place behind the scenes.

If you know how retail card processing works, you will know the reason for the popularity of credit cards. The first step involved in card processing is to read the consumer’s card using any one of the many methods available. Retail businesses usually integrate a card reader to their point of sale system, so that the cashiers will be able to seamlessly integrate card processing with each transaction. However, some of the retail business owners provide their employees with smart phone card readers for enabling them to read the cards on the go.

One of the major things that you need to know about credit cards and card processing is that the merchant needs to sign up with a card processing company for a merchant account. The data captured by the device of the retail shop will be sent to the merchant account provider along with the transaction details. The merchant account will now link the information with credit card network interchange, which connects all the credit card providers around the globe.

Credit Card Providers

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Now the data will be transferred to the credit card issuing company, which will then check for the details and make sure that all the details are fine. The card issuing institution will authorize or deny the payment depending on the credit limit of the consumer and transaction. The next step in credit card processing is to transfer the information back to the merchant account provider. The interesting fact is that all these processes take place in few seconds.

Once the transaction is authorized, the merchant account will notify the seller, who in turn will notify the consumer and then send the information along with the transaction details to the consumer’s bank and request for the fund transfer. However if the agency denies the transaction, then the customer will have to pay the amount as cash or leave without his products.

A Short List Of The Best Cloud Storage Service Providers

Cloud Storage Providers

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Nowadays, more and more people have started using mobile devices such as smart phones, phablets and tablets every day. With the increase in the usage of these devices, the need for cloud storage services has also been growing very quickly.

The major problem with mobile phone devices is the fact that there are limitations on the amount of internal storage possible on them, considering their sleek and small form factors. This is why cloud storage services have become more or less a necessity for many. Many cloud storage providers foresaw the huge potential in online storage space. This is why they are providing free storage space for luring mobile device users.

With the help of these cloud storage services, it is possible for you to securely store music, movies, videos, photos, files and folders. The amazing factor is that you will be able to access these files from anywhere and all you need for this is internet accessibility. Moreover, your data will be safe with the cloud storage providers and you don’t have to bear with the risk of having a corrupted hard disk or stolen computing device.

Here are some of the best free cloud storage providers available at present.


Dropbox is by far the best cloud storage service provider in the world. The great thing about this service is that it is pretty simple to use and it is available on about every platform. It provides a quota of 2 GB free cloud storage for every account holder and you will be able to earn up to 16 GB of additional storage space on the basis of referrals (you can refer your friends, relatives or colleges to acquire extra space).

Google Drive

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Google has a Midas touch to everything that it does. Google Drive is no different. The cloud storage service from the search engine giant provides 15 GB of free storage. This is actually a shared storage space which consists of space shared by services like Gmail, Google Docs, Google plus etc. and of course Google Drive. Google Drive allows you to store, share as well as edit your files online. It is also possible for you to collaborate with others to work with your files.


The software giant Microsoft Corporation has much recently rebranded its popular cloud storage service SkyDrive by naming it OneDrive. Microsoft is providing 15 GB of free cloud storage for its users. Moreover, just as in Dropbox, you will get an additional 5 GB by referring your friends.

These are three of the topmost free cloud storage services available currently. You can choose your favorite or even better, mix it up to avail more features!

Advantages Of Opting For Cloud Storage Services

Best Cloud Storage

              Uses Of Cloud Storage

In the earlier days, most of the computer users used to make use of hard drives for backing up their data as well as documents. And now, users who are thinking of making use cloud storage services are often wondering whether the cloud computing technology is worth a try. Since the cloud storage systems provide various other advantages when compared to the traditional methods like pen drives or hard drives, there is no need for the users to refrain from using this storage solution. Cloud storage solution is actually a storage method in which all the data or documents are stored in the cloud, which you will be able to access from any device at anytime, provided you have access to the internet.

One of the main reasons why most users are hesitant to make use of the cloud storage solution is the amount of money that they need to spend every month for the same. Nowadays, you can find several cloud storage services available and therefore, you need to do a proper research and identify your specific needs while opting for a service. Otherwise, it will end up in loss of time and money. Now, let’s look at the benefits that best cloud storage services are expected to offer.

Much storage space

One of the great advantages of using a cloud storage service is that you will be able to make use of any amount of storage space, which is not possible in conventional storage devices. This is because, conventional storage devices come with specific amount of memory, which cannot be increased. If you want more memory, you would have to buy a new storage device, however, with cloud, you can increase your storage base as and when required.

No physical presence

It is actually the responsibility of the service provider to worry about the services or maintenance once you have opted to store the data in their cloud storage service. One only has the need to connect to the internet to access the data instead of buying and storing the documents in the external hard disks or pen drives.

Automatic backup

Cloud Storage Settings

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With cloud storage, you do not need to synchronize local data over the internet. Since data is already saved over the internet, there is no need to take backups. This saves a lot of time for the users. Moreover, you can change the cloud storage settings according to your preference depending on whether you need to take backup daily or once in a week.

Apart from these benefits, the best cloud storage solution should also provide easy restoration and synchronizing capabilities.

Free 30GB Storage Space For iPhone And iPad Users From Microsoft

Free Cloud Storage

             OneDrive Cloud Services

Microsoft has increased the free storage for OneDrive for iPhone users from 15GB to 30GB. This way, Microsoft is trying to take advantage of Apple’s iOS 8 woes. If you are curious to know the reason behind such a plan, this is to save iPhone users who run out of storage space. Apple users trying to update to the latest version are facing issues due to deficient storage space.

It is a rather sassy offer from Microsoft, as there is a progress in the number of users relying on OneDrive to backup their documents, photos and videos. You might be wondering why the Apple users are not utilizing iCloud while they seem to be completely into OneDrive storage space. The sole reason for this that iCloud offers only 5GB free cloud storage while you get more with the Microsoft cloud storage. For information any average user has on his or her computer, iCloud 5GB storage space is excessively low.

The storage needed to install iOS 8 is about 7 GB, which is 2GB more than what Apple offers. Hence, the users are unable to backup all the data on iCloud. Therefore, people are moving to OneDrive to take a backup before updating to iOS 8 with the help of OneDrive.

Microsoft mentioned in Blog sites about helping Apple users with the free cloud storage space, which is because of people’s concern over deficient storage space. Microsoft added that it would be helpful to people when there is plenty of storage space available when they try to update to iPhone 6 or iOS 8. In addition to the news concerning helping the users, Microsoft also mentioned that the offer is valid only for a limited time and also requested people to act fast to utilize the opportunity.

Even though Microsoft is increasing the free storage space, which is only due to the difficulty that iPhone and iPad users are facing, they also have made the offer available for Windows Phone users and Android users. Microsoft added that they were happy to offer 30GB free storage space to others as well, since not all go head over heels about owning Apple products.

Deficient Storage Space

                Microsoft Cloud Storage

To get that 30GB free storage space, users will have to sign up for a free account with OneDrive and from the camera roll they need to activate the upload feature. Once this is done, users will see the change in the storage space right from the beginning. The existing users can also utilize this by activating the upload feature.


Tips On Hiring An Efficient Web Designer

Professional Web Designer

                   Professional Web Designer

If you plan to create a website, you will have to hire a good web designer. Some of the important characteristics of a good designer are that he must understand the client requirements and create a design accordingly. Website designers are of two types; some of them are freelancers while some work for a website design company.

Freelancers are people who work on a random basis such that are they are not tied up with any company, so it will be more easy and flexible when it comes to a freelance designer. They are people who work purely out of passion and are not money minded, which makes it easier to negotiate. However, this is not the case with all, some of them take up freelancing since they like to work on their own, and negotiations might be a little tough with such people.

Some are professional website designers such that are they have the suitable qualification, certification and experience as well. These people work on the standards set by the company and hence they might not be that flexible. The major advantage of such people is that they are experienced, and so they will be able to give out better suggestions on web designs. Professional website designers can give ideas and suggestions almost immediately, which will be one of the proven techniques that can bring success in business.

Dealing with a freelance website designer might be easier than with the professional website designers. You will have the opportunity to brief on your requirements easily to the freelancer than the professionals. When it comes to the professional, they would jot down your requirements and work on the technique that is more suitable for the kind of requirement you have. Both are good in their own ways.

When you work with the freelance designer, you can sit with him or her and have a chance to

Web Designing Company

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get to know all of what they do at any instance. However, with the professional designer, you will be shown the product, in which you will have to check and let them know about any change that you need with the design. The chance to know the techniques and attributes used is less with the professional website designer.

It is your call when it comes to choosing one among the types of designers, but make sure that they are aware of the latest technology and are implementing the same. So a little research is necessary from your side to get an idea on how a web designer designs a website.


Analog Phone Systems Vs Digital Phone Systems

Analog Phone Systems

                       Analog Phone Systems

Business phone systems are one of the most important factors when it comes to business communication. When you are starting up a company, you need to have telephone systems in place. The choice of which type of phone systems you need to opt for can be a difficult decision to deal with. Finding the correct combination of functionalities and capabilities to meet the business requirements may even need the sound understanding of various functional and technical differences.

There are two major types of telephone systems: traditional analog telephone systems and the advanced digital phone systems. There are many types of uses you might have in your telephone systems, one of the major use is in cultivating relationships with customers. For that purpose, you need a system that is highly reliable. You might need many facilities such as ability to forward calls to your devices. Before you choose any of the two major options, let us discuss some of the key differences in them.

Let us first have a look at some of the primary differences between analog and digital telephone systems. When it comes to analog systems, we all know they have been supporting businesses for decades. These types of systems consist of a standard copper wire and a usual old telephone service phone. The great thing about them is that they are highly reliable, does provide good voice quality, and include some necessary features you might see in a basic home phone like mute, redial, hold etc. There are also facilities for transferring calls. But the main problem is that the number of features provided ends there. Provision of more features can be more complicated to handle, considering the limited potential for scalability and expansion. Moreover, these systems can be expensive to support, set up and upgrade.

Digital Phone System

                        Digital Phone System

At the same time, digital phone systems are more advanced and modern. Digital PBXs are specifically designed using a proprietary bus structure. This makes adding features and capabilities much easier. There are even advanced features like music on hold, Voice over Internet Protocol integration etc. that can be supported. These days, VoIP phones have become more popular. An IP interface makes it possible to provide unified messaging features which include features such as fax delivery to email, voicemail etc. Since these systems do not rely on copper wires, you can gain more flexibility and scalability. The configuration can be handled remotely.

You can even use the VoIP systems along with the traditional systems, taking advantage of the capabilities of both.

Inexpensive SEO From Internet Marketing Experts

SEO Services

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Website owners all around are taking up SEO to improve the rankings of their sites, if they haven’t already. But instead of doing it themselves, most companies opt to hire SEO services to do it for them. SEO marketing companies all around the world offer affordable packages for you to choose from. Buying these online is much lighter on the wallet than hiring a team to work within the organization.

Online companies would need to check out your website if you wanted their solutions to custom fit your business scenario and needs. Smaller websites don’t need this, and can make do with a generic SEO service bundle. And especially when you have very little SEO work you need rendered, it’s best to buy services online.

There are many parts to SEO, and they include optimizing the pages and submitting to directories, articles, and social bookmarks. When looking for good SEO services, try and get something that includes RSS Feed submissions & Press Release submissions. It’s also vital that you have content writing services thrown in as well. This is important if the website is to have the relevant content, in the form of articles, press releases etc. Also, said content must have the suggested keywords in the requisite concentrations. These articles would be required for the submission service.

Business Scenario

                            Online SEO

If you have the financial muster, look for SEO service from a marketing company that also provides Blog posting, Forum handling, Video submission, and other services as part of the SEO package. Get a qualified team to work for you, and in some time they’ll have your website among the highest page ranks. There’s no need to expand on how this would drive up traffic and consequent revenue. With your profits expanding, you might be able to afford more expansive SEO services, if you want to take your website farther.

Always draw up a contract stipulating conditions where they get paid for the services they render. What you want them to do is not hold back. Try and maintain good relations with whoever you hire, and when parting, do so on good terms. You might have budding competition who will become a major player in the near future. They could hire the same SEO guys you let go, and benefit more than you did in your time. So before switching, make sure that you have sufficient need for a different provider.

Why Do You Need A Responsive Website Design?

Website has grown in importance over the years. From a luxurious pass time for some website creators to an absolute necessity for many businesses, websites, web design and website development have come a long way.


                 Responsive Web Design

Even in website designing, from simple text oriented website designs, things have changed a lot. The most recent trend is the emergence of “responsive architecture”.  This means, rather than creating disconnected designs for an ever-growing number of web devices, it is possible for us to treat them as aspects of the same experience.

In addition to that, designs can be created for optimal viewing experience, but it is best to embed technologies that are standard bases for incorporating better flexibility, more adaptability to various media that renders them. We simply call this practice “responsive web design”.

Responsive website design involves development and design of websites that are able to respond to different platforms and devices such as tablets, phablets and smart phones. The website design will adapt to the screen resolution of the device. It will change shape and size. The content will automatically resize for it to become viewable on smaller screen resolutions. The best thing about such a design is that you need not create separate website for various devices such as laptops, computers, and number of mobile devices. Your website can be viewed optimally on all these devices.

Why should you opt for Responsive Website Design?

As mentioned, if have a business website, you would definitely want your clients to view it on various devices. With the increase in the number of mobile devices being sold these days, the number of people accessing websites though these devices have increased by leaps and bounds.  People nowadays enjoy browsing websites while travelling, so it becomes essential for your website to provide the facility to easily access your website on the go.


                       Adjustable Web Design

Since more and more users are using mobile devices for various activities like accessing social media, shopping online, and browsing internet, etc. If your website is not responsive, you may lose many customers, who are increasingly opting for optimized view on their devices. No business can afford loss, just because of the absence of some technology that could have been easily put into place. Go for responsiveness in your web design strategy.

This way you not only retain your existing customers, you will have more prospective customers.  Enhance your business opportunities, by incorporating this change.

Interesting Facts About Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization is the process in which different strategies are put together to increase the visibility of a website. When the visibility of the website increases automatically, many people will visit the website. When more and more people visit the website, it results in a higher rating of the website. SEO targets different types of search, some of which are local search, image search, academic search, video search and many more.

The basic goal of SEO is to maintain a website that is great and provides a flawless user experience. They also communicate with the search engine about your intentions so that they will recommend your website to people who look for similar information.

It is one of the online marketing strategies to consider how search engines function, what people search for, the actual keywords people use extensively and the like. This study is done based on the interests of the target audiences. The process of optimizing a website might involve editing content, using HTML to increase the significance of keywords and removing barriers that lead to indexing. Another SEO tactic is to increase the number of inbound links and backlinks.

SEO ensures to utilize multi channels and social media to increase the rating. With the help of social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more, your business would reach people better and faster. SEOs might also advise to advertise Radio and TV about your services to reach out to people faster.

Search Engines

                          Search Engine Ratings

Having a consistent domain name is advisable, because the domain name is one of the foundations of the website. When you use in the beginning, SEO ensures to use the same address everywhere. Even if one part of the web address is different, search engines will recognize them as two different websites and will have issues while redirecting to your website. Keep it the old school way. If the previous owner has not messed with the domain to be penalized, then is it fine to use the same domain.

Search Engine Optimization providers optimize websites in such a way that they adapt to different types of searches. It is easy to get a higher rank with the help of a video than just having plain text in your website. Last but not the least, your focus should lay on title tags and Meta descriptions. Usage of Meta tags are worn out nowadays, but if you are utilizing the same, make sure that it is relevant and formatted properly.

Staying Safe When Using Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

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With growing data size and faster internet connections, it comes as no surprise that cloud storage came into being and became extremely popular in a relatively small time. Over the past few years, popular cloud based storage providers like Dropbox and Carbonite have witnessed millions of new customers willing to try out the new service. Hence, it comes as no surprise that now all IT majors like Microsoft, Apple and Google provides its own independent cloud based storage service.

Since this sector is still in its nascent stage, the major issue that plagues this system is security concern. Although major service providers boast superior encryption facility, the system is still far from being completely secure. With time, magnitude of hacking has improved exponentially. Earlier Hacking was a leisure activity limited to lone IT enthusiasts sitting in their basement. Nowadays, the threat has increased because hackers are now organized and work in groups, even targeting, often successfully, major companies like Apple and Sony.

However, if you take adequate precautions, you are most likely to remain safe from the hands of criminal hackers. To do so, it is crucial to have an understanding of how cloud storage works. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the weakest link in online security are the people themselves! The data, once encrypted, are almost impossible to be cracked, but people make mistakes, often fatal, compromising even the biggest security system installations.

Cloud Service Provider

                    Cloud Based Storage

Because of all such reasons and more, it is essential to select the best cloud based storage service. Choosing the right service provider will ensure that you significantly reduce the chances of threat. For example, SpiderOak has remained better than Dropbox when comparing the safety records. When hunting for security providers, it is essential to look for a zero-knowledge backup provider, which means company keeps a strict security policy that ensures even the service provider employees cannot get access to your data. Moreover, you should ensure that the data is send and received in the form of encrypted files that cannot be cracked. Backblaze, a cloud based storage service that is designed as an unlimited backup provider, and SpiderOak , designed as a file syncing tool, are both extremely secure.

Once you have selected your preferred cloud service provider, it is still better to have little faith in them. Use the maximum security settings they provide and secure your account with an alphanumeric LONG password that you change from time to time. If you keep your data secure, the benefits of cloud storage makes conventional storage seem puny.